Traditional Coffees

(We use a unique blend of Ethiopian roasted coffee, made just for us. )

Filtrato (Filter Coffee)

Garlic pizza bread topped with extra virgin olive oil.


Single  / Double


 Traditional – with frothed milk )


( Deluxe – with cream )

Alcoholic Coffee Mixes

Irish Coffee

Kahlua Coffee

Amaretto Coffee

Frangelico Coffee

Whisky Dom Pedro

Espresso Dom Pedro

Espresso coffee and brandy mixture

Alternative Donpedros

Peppermint Crisp Dom Pedro

Kahlua and peppermint liqueur combination.

Chocolate Orange Dom Pedro

Delightful partnership of Orange and Nachtmusik liqueur.

Espresso Dom Pedro

A single tot of espresso coffee, coupled with brandy mixture and then  mixed with ice-cream.